Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Jon has a weird work schedule and doesn't get home until after Sam and I do in the evenings.  I was originally going to give specifics, but then I had a fear (irrational, perhaps?) that someone might read my blog and use this information for a home invasion.  One too many episodes of Dateline NBC?  I think so.  Our out of sync schedules have both pros and cons.
  • Sam gets to sleep in, hang out with daddy and take his time eating breakfast and getting ready for daycare before Jon drops him off around 10:30.
  • I don't have to worry about getting Sam dressed and dropped off before I go to work.  Anything that allows me to sleep in longer earns an automatic 100 bonus points.
  • I don't feel rushed to get home after work since no one's waiting on me.  I can get in a little jog in the park (this has happened once) or do a little shopping (this has happened more than once) and I usually take my grandma out to eat once a week.
  • I have full reign of the television.  Enough said.
  • The biggest one, of course, is just plain missing having someone to hang out with in the evenings (someone above 4 feet tall.)  Let me re-phrase, not just someone, but my husband in particular.  He's nice and makes me laugh.
I think I'll just stop there because everything else I can easily handle.  Some nights I stay busy and it doesn't bother me at all, but other nights seem to stretch on and on waiting for him to get home.  I've resorted to bribery in an attempt to get him to pick up the pace. 

First, I'll send him a picture of Sam looking adorable.  Sometimes I'll even include an audio of Sam saying "Lub Ooo Da-ey."  I know, I'm evil.  (Do all kids tuck their blankets under their chin or is that just mine?)

Then I'll send him a picture of whatever nutritious, delicious meal I've made.  (This is PW's lasagna recipe and it is delicious.)  If these 2 things don't make him high-tail it home, I don't know what will (it does.)

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  1. Because, yes, I'm sure this is how all robbers find their victims... Trolling the internets for innocent women to post their husband's work schedule. In fact, I bet they have little charts and everything... You. Are. A nerd. =P