Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Story About My Friend Memily

So, I have this friend.  Her name is Memily.  I know, weird name, right?  Anyways, she has a little 2 door car that she got as a college graduation gift.  At the time, something little and zippy seemed like fun.  She certainly wasn't thinking towards the future when she may have a child and a 2 door car would be less than ideal. 

It turns out that 6 years later, she had a baby.  And what do you know, she still had the 2 door car and she didn't exactly have the money to take on a car payment, seeing as how she would be paying approximately a million dollars a year for daycare.  So she decided she would just have to suck it up and deal with getting a baby in and out of a 2 door car. 

Fast forward a couple of years.  She was beyond sick of the 2 door car situation.  She was ready to use her car as a trade in and pay for the rest with money she had saved up.  She would be moving forward with project new car just as soon as she had an available, rain-free Saturday. 

But then, something awesome happened.  She was pulling into the parking lot at work and had a momentary lapse of ability to judge distance (What?  It's a real condition) and she side-swiped a car.  Yep, totally banged up their bumper and put scratches along the side of her car. 

Memily decided she wasn't going to let this little incident ruin her day, despite the fact that insurance would cover the damages for the car she hit, but not any damages to her own car.  You see, she only had liability insurance at the time (remember the whole million dollars a year for daycare thing?  Yea, that's why.)  But she insisted on looking at the bright side, which was that at least her car only had some scratches along the side and shouldn't cost too much to fix. 

She left a note on the car assuming whoever the owner was would be annoyed she screwed up their bumper, but leaving a note would hopefully take some of the sting away.  Maybe she would even be recognized for her efforts as an upstanding citizen. 

Several hours later, Memily received the phone call she had been a wee bit nervous about all day.  It was the car owner.  She wasn't too happy.  Memily apologized several times and the car owner only replied with "yea, I'm sorry too," as in "I'm sorry you screwed up my car!"  Memily certainly didn't receive any recognition for being an upstanding citizen. 

The car owner explained that her insurance company told her she needed to file a police report so she wanted Memily to meet her in the parking lot.  Problem was, she was out running errands for work.  The car owner was none too happy.

The car owner went ahead and called the police and had the officer call Memily on the phone.  Memily answered and was greeted with "Hello, this is Officer so and so, I understand you hit a car today and left the scene of the accident?"

Memily responded, "No!  I didn't leave the scene!  I mean, well, I guess I did, but I didn't know who's car it was and I couldn't stand there waiting for them all day.  I left a note, I'm an upstanding citizen!"

The officer, sensing the panic in Memily's voice, assured her that he was not aware of all the details, and in this case, she would not be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.  Good thing, because Memily was starting to regret doing the right thing by leaving a note in the first place and had all but decided from now on she was only going to be looking out for number one!

Maybe one day Memily will get that 4 door car she's been dreaming of.  But not before she gets this fixed.

You should see the other guy.



  1. Oh Memily...what a silly girl she is! You would think the driver of the other car would have at least been happy you left a note at all! Um...I mean happy that Memily left a note...