Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Buddies

These 2 little boys are the best of buddies.  They run in circles together for hours.  One of them falls on the floor laughing, the other one falls on the floor laughing.  They play the piano and sing at the top of their lungs together.  They watch Mickey together, snuggled under a blanket.  They hug each other goodbye.  They ask where the other one is several times a week.  

 Ashton is my sister's baby who is only 2 months older than Sam.  Shana and I were due 3 weeks apart from each other, but Ashton was a preemie.  Whenever people asked me if I wanted a boy or girl I said, I just want the baby to be the same gender as my sister's baby so they can be best friends. I'm so glad it worked out that we both had boys.  Sam calls Ashton "my Ash." 

What makes their relationship so special is that they bring out a whole new side to each other.  They're both fairly quiet, mild-mannered babies. But put these 2 together and they laugh, squeal and run around like maniacs.  Sam is a lot more vocal than Ashton and Ashton is a lot more adventurous than Sam.  But the more they play together, the more they rub off on each other.  Ashton tries to repeat words after Sam, and the other day Sam went down a huge slide after he saw Ashton doing it.  (He would never do something like that if Ashton hadn't done it first.)

Watching these two together warms my heart.  Now let's just hope they don't get into too much trouble together as they get older.


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