Monday, February 21, 2011

For the Love of Shoes

I love shoes for a plethora of reasons, but the best reason I can think of is that I never get too fat for my shoes.  They never make me wish I hadn't had that second helping of potatoes or feel guilty for not going on that run I thought about.  (I'm looking at you, pants.)  This weekend I decided to honor and celebrate shoes for never shaking my self esteem and always keeping my feet nice and healthy.  What better way than by buying new shoes?

So I used to think Sperry's were ugly on girls because they are "boy shoes."  But they've grown on me.  I think they look really cute with a pair of jeans and a flowy cotton top or with a pair of beach shorts and a t-shirt.  Not to mention, they are the most comfortable things I've ever put on my feet so I think I'll wear them a lot.  Also, I really needed a pair of spring/summer shoes that were not dress shoes, but dressier than flip-flops or tennis shoes.  (Welcome to my brain while shopping...justify, justify, justify!)

Ok, so these little beauties are going to be a little harder to justify.  I will admit they're not super practical.  I can't think of too many outfits I own to pair these with, (which obviously means I need to add a few pieces to my wardrobe, no?) but they are really really cute.  But, the main reason I had no choice but to buy these?  They were $99.00 boots that I got on sale for $21.00!  I mean, come on, it would be a crime to not buy them.  Amiright or amiright?


  1. Sperrys are my favorite shoes ever! I may or may not own three pairs...

  2. Well, that's funny because I remember when I bought my Sperry's someone told me they were ugly and she would never own a pair even AFTER I tried to convince her that they were most comfortable shoes ever... Hmm... Who was that???

    Sounds like you'll be buying a pair of Wallabees next...