Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cat Fight

Sam and I usually take a leisurely stroll over to the centralized mailboxes when we get home in the evenings.  One evening I noticed a bright yellow sign posted on the boxes.  I figured someone was looking to cut lawns or advertise the next neighborhood association meeting.  But then I started reading.  Someone was not a happy camper.

Wow.  I like how she (I just assume this is some crabby old woman) continuously says they walk on our cars and dig in our flowerbeds, like all the neighbors have been having pow wows discussing how to take out the gang of neighborhood cats.  There is not an excess of stray cats wreaking havoc in the neighborhood, by the way.  I occasionally spot one taking a snooze in our bushes, but that's it.  I thought about responding, simply for my own entertainment more than anything.  Maybe something like this:

But before I had a chance to sneak this little piece of comedic gold on the mailbox, someone beat me to it with a response of their own:

While not as entertaining as my response, I have to give the lady who wrote this props for signing with her name and number, and even included her address.  I'm way too big of a chicken for that.  Obviously I would have gone the more mature route with a picture of talking cats.