Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sugar and Baseball

My child is OBSESSED with sweets.  I know all kids love candy, but you don't understand.  Sam has an endless pit of desire for it.  We've had to completely rid the house of sugary treats, which, believe me, is a drastic measure.  I, myself, am a lover of anything sweet, so this is the ultimate sacrifice.  I know you may be thinking it's a bit extreme to get rid of sweets altogether.  You're being all judgey thinking I'm one of "those annoying moms" and I should just hide the treats or only allow him to have one after dinner, aren't you?  Hahaha, you are very funny.  We've tried all that.  He outsmarts us and figures out the hiding places, he stands at the pantry and cries and cries and cries for "mo" if we only give him one.  It's just not worth the fight anymore.

We do make exceptions when we go out, however.  It's possible that I bribe him to stay in the cart at the grocery with skittles.  Perhaps I buy him a strawberry smoothie from McDonald's to keep him occupied while running errands.  But I don't feel so guilty about the occasional glucose filled bribery since we don't eat sweets at home...see how nice that works out?

This past weekend we caught a Legends' baseball game and Sam took full advantage of the only eating sweets while out policy.

Before we even made it to the food vendors, his Grandma Becky was bribing him with M&M's to smile for the camera.  I'm telling you, he'll do anything for candy.

And then he discovered the classic ballpark treat known as Cracker Jacks.  I had to stick very close by while he indulged in that since I have a huge fear of kids choking on popcorn (thanks, Daddy.)
And then came the biggest prize of them all when it comes to ballpark treats - a little piece of heaven called Dippin' Dots.  It doesn't get much better than little cryogenically frozen balls of ice cream.  No, really.
I tried to get him to share with me, but nothing doing.  (Forgive my crazy looking hair, it was quite windy and chilly by this point.)
Only one thing was possibly more exciting than the food at the ballpark.  A real live Legends ball player came over and gave Sam a baseball.
His second favorite thing to candy (and his mama) is a baseball.  Or a football.  Or a basketball.  You get the point, I just didn't want to come out and say "my kid loves balls!"  But I just did.  This is getting awkward.

Moving right along.  Actually, that's all I got, but this was too cute of a picture to pass up.  A-dor-able.


  1. Aww Jon is adorable!

    Oh whoops...I mean Sam!

    Looks like y'all had a great time at the ballpark!

  2. Sam <3 Balls.

    P.S. Your hair looks AWESOME.