Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Basket on the Cheap

Not sure if you're aware, but Easter is upon us.  I love me some Easter.  Bunnies, baskets, eggs, candy, fancy dresses at church, springtime...what's not to love?  I used to think it would be a sad, sad day when I stopped getting an Easter basket.  What I didn't consider though, is that one day I would get to play Easter Bunny.  I've always dreamed of being a giant rabbit breaking into houses and dropping off eggs and candy!

I ran by the Dollar Tree the other day to pick up some gift bags and noticed they had a big section devoted to Easter.  I thought I'd pick up one or two things to add to Sam's basket, but to my surprise, they had everything one might need for a fully stocked basket.  The entire thing cost me $12.00!

Can you tell Sam's favorite color is "ooange?"
Baseball stuff, rake, coloring book, crayons, stickers, bunny toy, bubbles, chicken eggs with candy, and sand bucket
I can't wait to see Sam's face on Easter morning when he sees what the Easter Bunny left for him.  Notice there is very little candy in this basket.  Call me a lame Easter Bunny if you must, but you aren't the one who has to deal with my candy obsessed child.

The chickens are my favorite part.  Ain't they cute?  Have a great Easter weekend, everyone!

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