Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You know you like the extremely creative title, don't lie.  Easter was quite an event this year, with lots of egg coloring, Easter baskets, a ridiculous amount of food and whatnot.  It may seem that this post is a picture overload but believe me, I cut out quite a few.  

We started the Easter celebration off a few days ahead of time with the ol' egg dying tradition.  

Luca and Ashton came to town for the festivities.

The finished products.  Not too shabby.

We had another egg dying session the next day with Sam's cousins from Jon's side.  Not sure why Sam looks terrified in this picture.

Unfortunately we were lacking in dye-filled cups, as you can see.

The Easter Bunny stopped by a little early with stuffed animals for the kiddos.

Sam loved his gween fwog.

Sammy before church on Easter Sunday.  He was not happy with the tie, but amused me for a picture.

Attempting to get a picture of all the grandkids at Jon's parent's house.  It never goes well....

The egg hunt begins.

If there are eggs hidden in that tree then I consider the Easter Bunny a jerk.

Back at my parents' house for egg hunt #2.  Sam had learned from the first egg hunt and was all over the eggs this time leaving poor Ashton in the dust.

 On a mission.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  I know we did!

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